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In this section E.S.S. company offers you VIP services. What is this? First of all, VIP services are a VIP car, VIP hall services in airport named after Geydar Aliyev, accommodation in 5-star hotels, provision a driver with a Russian-,English-,and Azerbaijan-speaking and competent guide who will give you detail information with respect to the republic of Azerbaijan. E.S.S. company offers you evening walking on launches/boats as well as rent of yacht.

VIP halls in airport named after Geydar Aliyev is the major part of the system designed to separate important persons from usual passengers, create for them maximum comfortable conditions to wait for flight and pass through organizational, customs and boundary formalities. For this privileged category there is provided an individual hall, pasport control and customs-house.

                    What VIP passage includes:

A client should arrive to the airport not later 1 h prior to his flight, in connection with completion of registration prior to 40-50 minutes and having told his surname and flight number to security at the entrance, the client should enter to VIP hall and apply to client registration table. The client should fill in customs declaration and pass though customs supervision. A representative may ask for examination of the client’s baggage. Then the client must pass through flight registration. His passport and boarding pass will be given for passport supervision before landing. The client will be offered to take a place   in VIP hall until boarding is  announced. As boarding is announced the client should come to the entrance to transit area. A VIP hall manager will take him to the ladder of the airplane.